The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #271

  1. Creative wisdom from Rick Rubin: Embrace your inner gatekeeper | “Unlock the full potential of your creativity with holistic detachment. This is the way of the editor.”
  2. The tech tycoon martyrdom charade | “I’ve been saying this for a few years now, but it’s worth recording here for the record: It’s impossible to overstate the degree to which many big tech CEOs and venture capitalists are being radicalized by living within their own cultural and social bubble. Their level of paranoia and contrived self-victimization is off the charts, and is getting worse now that they increasingly only consume media that they have funded, created by their own acolytes.”
  3. Ease productivity overload with “niksen,” the Dutch art of doing nothing | “To do more, it sometimes pays to do nothing at all.”How Slack decides to send a notification | This is one of my favourite examples of a workflow… Keep this in mind the next time someone asks you to design a “simple” feature.
  4. How Slack decides to send a notification | “This is one of my favourite examples of a workflow. Keep this in mind the next time someone asks you to design a “simple” feature.”
  5. Spirited Away to Miyazaki Land | “What happens when the surreal imagination of the world’s greatest living animator, Hayao Miyazaki, is turned into a theme park?”
  6. Americans are embracing flexible work—and they want more of it|”The American Opportunity Survey illuminates how many people are offered the option to work from home, who works flexibly, and how they feel about it.”
  7. Four-Day Work Week: Ultimate Guide | “TMany companies are increasingly experimenting with new and creative working methods instead of adhering to the typical 9 to 5, Monday to Friday office schedule. The benefits of the four-day work week include increased productivity, lower operating costs, and better work-life balance. This concept is a type of employee benefit and a form of time management. Many leaders employ this tactic as a way to manage remote teams.”
  8. Going through the motions | “One of the many things Lynda Barry has taught me: If you don’t know what to write in your diary, you write the date at the top of the page as neatly and slowly as you can and things will come to you.”
  9. AI and Image Generation (Everything is a Remix Part 4) | “The Age of AI has arrived and its first flashpoint is art. AI is revolutionizing how we create, view, and experience art, while sparking fear and anxiety in the art world.”
  10. OBSOLETE SOUNDS | “Obsolete Sounds is the world’s biggest collection of disappearing sounds and sounds that have become extinct – remixed and reimagined to create a brand new form of listening.”