The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #269

  1. Temple Grandin: Society Is Failing Visual Thinkers, and That Hurts Us All | “When I was younger, I believed that everybody thought in photo-realistic pictures the same way I did, with images clicking through my mind a little bit like PowerPoint slides or TikTok videos. I had no idea that most people are more word-centric than I am.”
  2. Her work as a pioneering animator was lost to history — until now | “With a trunk full of paper stock, charcoal, and a giant easel in tow, Bessie Mae Kelley would travel the country for her vaudeville circuits in the 1920s. Kelley was an animation pioneer, having hand-drawn a mouse couple named Milton and Mary before there was ever a Mickey or a Minnie Mouse. She would apprise vaudeville audiences of the new world of moving cartoons in a budding industry called animation. She even billed herself as “the only woman animator” on these tours. Yet much of Kelley’s story and work was lost to the pages of her own journals and left undocumented — until now.”
  3. How to Focus Like It’s 1990 | “Smartphones, pings and Insta-everything have shortened our attention spans. Get some old-school concentration back with these tips.”
  4. Technology Is Saving You From Profound Levels of Boredom And It’s a Problem | “The constant distraction of social media could be preventing our minds from settling into a deeper, more complete feeling of boredom, according to a new study. Which is a shame, given complete boredom can be fertile grounds for innovation.”
  5. Write Google Sheets & Excel formulas 10x faster with AI | “Ditch the tedious formula writing and let AI do the work for you. Transform your text to accurate Excel formulas & Google Sheets formulas within seconds and save up to 80% of your time working with spreadsheets.”
  6. Typography in Severance | “Typography plays an important role in establishing the visual look of a piece of art, and Severance is no exception. This page is an overview of significant instances of typographic design and font use throughout Severance, with additional information about the typefaces and where to obtain them.”
  7. The Incredible Story of the First 365-Day Calendar: How Ancient Egyptians Revolutionized Timekeeping | “The Surprising Accuracy of the Ancient Egyptian Calendar and how the Ancient Egyptians Used Their Knowledge of Astronomy to Create a Highly Precise Calendar”
  8. McMaster-Carr | “…the gold standard of web design. They didn’t have anyone to look up to, there is nothing like it. They didn’t use a design framework. They focused on fundamentals of design, not fads and fashion.”
  9. This Film Does Not Exist | “I was recently shown some frames from a film that I had never heard of: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1976 version of “Tron.” … The truth is that these weren’t stills from a long-lost movie. They weren’t photos at all. These evocative, well-composed and tonally immaculate images were generated in seconds with the magic of artificial intelligence.”
  10. Bring back personal blogging | “Twitter is creaking. Social media seems less fun than ever. Maybe it’s time to get a little more personal.”

Image: The website of McMaster-Carr, link #8.