The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #264

  1. Architecture and Graphic Design | “So I have been talking a great deal lately with my students about many aspects of graphic design as they relate to architecture representation and presentation. I am always amazed at how little this is discussed within most architectural educational instruction.”
  2. How Well-Designed Work Makes Us Smarter | “Work that permits autonomy, demands problem-solving, and meets other criteria for good design can bolster employees’ cognitive skills and ongoing learning.”
  3. Design an Office that People Want to Come Back to | “The workplace trends that accelerated during the pandemic aren’t going away. Companies should use this moment to improve office environments in a way that boosts employee engagement and well-being, thereby encouraging attendance, increasing retention, and attracting new talent.”
  4. 3 reasons not to bring your authentic self to work | “Behavioral scientist Mike Rucker says instead of overly worrying about being authentic, try being intentional about how we can support one another at work. Here’s how.”
  5. The Corporate Folklorist’s Credo | “Storytelling is key to a strong brand and culture — if it’s done right. Having a corporate folklorist on staff helps to convey an organization’s purpose and values through stories and artifacts. But since it’s a relatively new function, it could use a credo to inform and inspire good work.”
  6. 15 Innovative Ways To Use Visual Storytelling Introduce A New Product Or Service | “Here, the experts of Forbes Agency Council explore ways to create a story with visual elements that will build an emotional connection with potential customers and get them excited about your new product or service by showing what the offering is all about and why it was brought to the market.”
  7. How a talk begins | “A dispatch from the middle of trying to figure out what I want to say.”
  8. The realities of the four-day workweek | “A shorter workweek is being hailed as the future of employee productivity and work-life balance. Is it that easy to make work better?”
  9. Famous Brand Logos Are Reimagined as Medieval Illustrations | “Part of being a successful company in today’s age is having an iconic logo. But what if the most famous brands we know existed hundreds of years ago? Artist Ilya Stallone uses his art to travel back in time and redraw some of the best-known logos in the style of Medieval art.”
  10. How Do I Write a Statement About My Exhibition That Isn’t a Total Cliche? Art Professionals Offer Real, Actionable Advice | “Hint: read other good writing, be original and find a good editor.”

Image: Artwork by Ilya Stallone, link #9.