The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #26

  1. Creative Value of Staying Loose | “MacArthur Geniuses on the Art of “Connected Irrelevance.” Wow, that’s my new favorite phrase.
  2. Should Designers Plunder the Past? | “In the Spring 2015 issue of Print, Rick Poynor addresses the problems associated with repurposing vintage imagery in design today—and discusses the Print article “Good History/Bad History,” which ran in 1991.”
  3. Flinto | “Design Better Apps, Faster—iOS and Android prototypes made from your existing screen designs.”
  4. The City Museum: The Playground of Your Dreams | “The City Museum has taken the concept of “found art” and turned it into a multi-level all-ages adventure. Located in St. Louis, this museum—housed in a former shoe factory—is part playground, part art piece.”
  5. Adobe’s New Brainstorming App for Designers Is Here | “It is, in essence, a responsive brainstorming app that recreates the early stage pen-and-paper sketching experience on an iPad. It complements Adobe’s marquee applications InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.”
  6. How Music Hijacks Our Perception of Time | “A composer details how music works its magic on our brains.”
  7. chartinator | “A jQuery plugin that transforms data from HTML tables, Google Sheets and js arrays into charts using Google Charts.”
  8. The US Forest Service’s Cocktail Construction Chart | “This is…weird. The National Archives contains a Cocktail Construction Chart made in an architectural style, for some reason, by the US Forest Service in 1974.”
  9. Sushi Bath Towel Concept | “Designer Jenny Pokryvailo came up with this amusing concept for a series of towels that when properly folded resemble different types of maki rolls.”
  10. Michael Bierut on the Power of Logos | “The award-winning graphic designer decodes why the simple shapes of a logo can have such great impact.”

Image courtesy The National Archives / US Forest Service.