The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #253

  1. What Is Inspiration? | “Inspiration is a much-used, domesticated, amorphous and secular word for what is actually a revolutionary, countercultural and spiritual phenomenon. But what exactly is inspiration? What are we talking about when we use that term?”
  2. Can you identify each US state’s biggest brand from these redesigned logos? | “A truly great logo can be recognised without us needing to see the name of the brand – something the likes of Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have played with in their ad campaigns. Now an intriguing project from a Seattle-based designer offers a great test of just how recognisable these and other corporate logos are by replacing each brand’s name with that of the state where it has its US headquarters.”
  3. There’s no one right path to work–life balance—but there are plenty of wrong ones | “Here are 5 ways leadership can support employees in healthier ways, from a CMO and mom of two who has struggled with the give and take of work and home.”
  4. The Secret to Happiness at Work | “Your job doesn’t have to represent the most prestigious use of your potential. It just needs to be rewarding.”
  5. Eight Ways to Make Your D&I Efforts Less Talk and More Walk | “But Blanche is on a mission to raise the bar for D&I not only at Atlassian, but across the tech industry as a whole, challenging leaders and teams everywhere to step up their game. Inspired by her talk at First Round’s Founders Summit, here she shares Atlassian’s playbook for making meaningful advances on D&I, highlighting the challenges in this evolving field and walking through eight specific strategies for startups looking to join her at that higher bar.”
  6. Bumble’s New Leave Policy is a Lesson in How to do Diversity and Inclusion Right | “Pledges and promises aren’t enough. Behavioral science tells us that today’s leaders need to move from words to actions to convince people they are doing things right.”
  7. 26 Brilliant Ways to Use Psychology in Your Copywriting (With Examples) | “When my cat won’t eat the food I’ve given her, I “begrudgingly” oblige, pick up the dish, transfer said food to a different dish, and set said different dish back down. She then proceeds to gobble up said [same] food. There’s a name for that effect. And it’s one of nine psychological phenomenons that I’m going to share with you today, that you can use in your copywriting.”
  8. Google Calendar will let you record where you’re working to help organize office meetings | “Google is adding an option to its Calendar service to let you show where you’re working on any given day of the week, the company has announced… Available work locations include ‘Office,’ ‘Home,’ ‘Unspecified,’ or ‘Somewhere else.’ According to Google, the option is being added so it’s “easier to plan in-person collaboration or set expectations in a hybrid workplace.'”
  9. Worrying About Your Carbon Footprint Is Exactly What Big Oil Wants You to Do | “Imagine if businesses put as much effort into climate lobbying as climate neutrality. Corporations wield tremendous influence over the political system. But on climate, most have decided to sit this one out. Notably, the five biggest tech corporations — Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet and Amazon — spend only 4 percent of their lobbying dollars on climate, according to Influence Map.”
  10. See When Fall Foliage Will Peak With This Interactive Map | “County-by-county predictions reveal when to catch the most brilliant autumnal colors.”

Image: Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash.