The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #250 (yo, Noah!)

Noah Jodice is now the newest member of our team, in the role of Illustrator for the summer.

Noah’s a 2017 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where he earned a B.F.A. in Communication Design. After spending three years in NYC he’s returned to Wash U and is now halfway through an MFA in Illustration and Visual Culture. Noah’s illustration style and comic sensibilities will be a perfect fit with our design team.

On a personal note, Noah buys the cheapest sketchbooks he can find, enjoys making unnecessary slackmojis, and never lets his cupboard run low on pasta. He also has a thing against hats.

Here are 10 links he loves…

  1. Casual Archivist — The holy grail of Google Sheets, with web-based and IRL archives curated by Elizabeth Goodspeed. It’s open-sourced and you can comment to suggest archives that should be added. Elizabeth has a great newsletter, too.
  2. Mini-Boss — Pixel art-based animation tutorials that really clearly show theory and movement.
  3. Present & Correct Blog — I save pretty much every jpeg they post to my inspiration and morgue files.
  4. Habibi Funk Records — It’s run by this Berlin-based dude who digs through archives and old tapes to re-release records from Arab musicians all over Africa and the Middle East. Lots of funk, rock, and fusion melded with local traditions.
  5. “Object of Sound” podcast with Hanif Abdurraqib — The way Hanif writes and talks about music makes me jealous, grateful, and more caring. He’s a thoughtful interviewer who can connect on the creative level. I’m reading his essay collection “They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us” right now, too.
  6. Louie Zong — Louie is a jack-of-all-trades person I’m jealous of. He makes great music, storyboarded on We Bare Bears, and creates little games like this: Dog that drums.
  7. Bigtop Burger by Worthikids — One of the best internet short animators around! He works in Blender doing a mix of 3-D and 2-D. His whole oeuvre (I’m saying oeuvre) is great, but Bigtop is about a Clown-themed food truck and it is delightful.
  8. Wonder Fair in Lawrence, Kansas — I was on a road trip to Colorado recently and stopped here on the recommendation of a friend. A lovely shop with a great collection of zines, stickers, art supplies, and notebooks. If you’re ever driving through Kansas…
  9. The National Weather Service St. Louis Twitter account — If you’re gonna be on Twitter all the time you might as well know the weather.
  10. John and Faith Hubley’s 1962 film “The Hole” — I’ve been going through a Hubley animation phase, and this is a favorite. Dizzy Gillespie and George Matthews play two construction workers talking about their jobs, hopes, fears, and the possibility of nuclear annihilation.

Image: artwork by Louis Zong, link #6.