The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #243

  1. Microcopy: an essential guide to becoming a more literate designer | “Designers should not be mere decorators, but have an understanding of language and microcopy, a crucial design skill, now more than ever.”
  2. Pencil Typography | “Even just looking at photos of pencils, I can still smell the sheets of mimeograph paper hot off the ditto machine.”
  3. A Trio of Visual Catalogs Celebrates the Innovative Figures Who Pioneered Modern Information Graphics | “A new book set honors the lives and legacies of three figures who fundamentally altered the way we communicate and organize data still today.”
  4. WordPress at 18 | “Today [May 27] marks the 18th anniversary of WordPress’ launch, a day that I fondly refer to as WordPress’ birthday, which means WordPress is 6,575 days old. To celebrate another turn around the sun, the community has had parties, we have shared data, and we have told our story.”
  5. This Centuries-Old Trick Will Unlock Your Productivity | “Using self-mesmerism I felt overtaken on a cellular level by a serene form of concentration. I began to accumulate pages and finish my projects.”
  6. The Linda Lindas Are More Than Just a Viral Punk Band | “After setting the internet ablaze with their song “Racist, Sexist Boy,” the quartet talks about opening for Bikini Kill and the meaning of punk rock.”
  7. Spain’s postal service introduces skin-tone stamps to fight racism — and makes the whitest one the most valuable | “‘Accidentally racist,’ one social media user commented. Another user wrote, ‘Accidentally VOX,’ referring to Spain’s far-right Vox party.”
  8. A seismic standoff over remote work is building | “The pandemic finally seems to be easing its grip on the United States, nudging us back into public life, friendly visits, even travel. But going back to the office full-time? According to most workers, the answer is simple: I would prefer not to.”
  9. What Introverts and Extroverts Can Learn From Each Other | “Going against your instincts can help make you happier.”
  10. I interviewed 500 happy people. Their habits will transform your day | “These simple life tweaks can immediately make your days more joyful, says the founder of the American Happiness Project.ent here…”

Image: Photo by Present and Correct, via link #2.