The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #241

  1. A simple static visualization can often be the best approach | “How I overengineered a worse solution by making an interactive visualization.”
  2. Let’s Stigmatize the Internet | “It’s time to put our extremely online year (and selves) behind us.”
  3. Simplify Your Time Management With the ‘Rule of 4’ | “There are hard limits to what your brain can manage in a day. Ignore them at your peril.”
  4. A Primer on NFTs and Intellectual Property | “As the once obscure technology gains mass appeal and rapidly evolves into a mainstay of popular culture, companies and individuals across the globe are racing to jump aboard the NFT train, exploring whether and how they can leverage NFTs to connect with consumers, extract new value from existing and newly created digital assets, and generate new streams of income.”
  5. How to Design Better Icons | “Interface iconography tips & tricks.” Via Chris Glass.
  6. These ‘creativity genes’ allowed humans to take over the world | “Researchers compared the genes of chimpanzees, modern humans and Neanderthals.”
  7. Fat Tire Releases Beer Made From Ingredients Available In The Future. | “It’s Awful And They Know It.”
  8. Myspace Tom got it right | “He cashed out, logged off, and let other execs face the problems.”
  9. 99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice | “I have another birthday, and another bunch of unsolicited advice.”
  10. xkcd: Types of Scientific Paper

Image: Data visualization by UNICEF, link #1.