The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #233

  1. Taiwanese designer Tsai Chia-Hao on how he fine-tunes meticulous compositions | “The designer’s fondness for intricacies has resulted in a portfolio filled with book and exhibition design, visual identities and movie posters.”
  2. Formats Unpacked: RSA Shorts | “How an online video format built an audience of 18 million viewers.”
  3. Can Exercise Make You More Creative? | “To spur innovation and ideas, try taking a walk.”
  4. How to Write a Job Ad (That People Actually Want to Apply For) | “An exceptional job description creates an entryway to great hires but does not guarantee employee retention. Efforts in building safe and inclusive work environment, sustainable employment practices and having frameworks for feedback and growth will be critical. It’s vital to note that while attracting potential employees is essential, supporting them is even more critical.”
  5. | “An organized collection of graphic design related items that are available on the Internet Archives compiled by Valery Marier.”
  6. Data Visualization in Society | “Data Visualization in Society, an open access book, is a collection of works that looks closer at the role data visualization plays beyond the technical aspects of the discipline…”
  7. Narcissists make their way to CEO positions faster than their counterparts, study finds | “Narcissistic individuals benefit from their personality despite negative outcomes.”
  8. A 4-day working week might be edging closer — here’s why | “In addition to the potential affordability of a shorter working week, it has also been found to make workers more productive. A well-publicized example is that of Microsoft Japan, which closed its offices to its 2,300 members of staff every Friday for a month and saw productivity jump 40%, in terms of sales per employee.”
  9. 3 science-based strategies to increase your creativity | “When I use a term like “hacking” to describe an approach, what I’m really saying is “figuring out how to get your neurobiology to work for you rather than against you.” That’s long been my approach to high achievement.”
  10. Your Best Ideas Are Often Your Last Ideas | “As organizations large and small face unprecedented challenges, fostering the creativity necessary to develop truly breakthrough ideas has become more important than ever. But in order to live up to our creative potential, we must first understand how the creative process actually works.”

Image: designs by Tsai Chia-Hao via It’s Nice That, link #1.