The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #232

  1. Why remote work may render the 5-day workweek obsolete | “During the conventional 5-day week, most workers’ productivity levels gradually drop off as they move closer to the weekend, signaling the format may be outdated.”
  2. Slick new Post-It logo has the internet divided | “Some Like-It, others Hate-It.”
  3. The Oldest Surviving Printed Advertisement in English | “One of the smallest advertisements surviving from before the close of the Middle Ages dates from 1476/1477 and was produced by William Caxton, Britain’s first printer. This piece of paper, of which two copies survive, is regarded as the earliest surviving printed advertisement in the English language. It promotes Caxton’s Sarum Pie, or the Ordinale ad usum Sarum, a handbook for priests.”
  4. Remembering Jason Polan | “Jason Polan died a year ago today, and nothing’s been the same since. I left NYC in late February, two days after his memorial there, and haven’t been back—the pandemic hit shortly after. Sometimes my estrangement from home feels as permanent as the loss of Jason. So many of the best parts of my NYC life happened with him, for so many years.”
  5. Advanced Topics in Reminders and To Do Lists | “When my friend Emily solicited LIFE HACKS from her followers on Twitter, I tried to think of something that I get a lot of value of that but that isn’t widely known. Apple’s Reminders app is that for me. I admit it’s a little funny to call using a tool for its intended purpose a life hack (it’s not exactly using a clothes hanger to cinch curtains in a hotel room) but I had a couple folks requesting to hear more of how I use it so I figured I’d write up my approach and some of the advanced techniques.” Related: Checklists as motivation. Via Chris Glass.
  6. Ten Ideas That Have Shaped My Life | “Ideas are powerful. Arriving at the right time, they can alter the entire direction of your life. But ideas also hide in the background, acting as assumptions. Quietly influencing your decisions, whether they’re true or false. Looking back, I can think of a number of ideas that shaped my life. Some are only obvious in retrospect. Others I took great pains to learn. Below are the ten that had the greatest impact on me.”
  7. The Filibuster explained| “We are back with the whiteboard to break down why the filibuster stands in the way of progress and how we can reform it.” Via swissmiss.
  8. GeoGuessr – Let’s explore the world | This fun game drops you at a random spot around the world that’s been traveled by Google Streetview—and you have to guess where you are.
  9. Reconstructing the Menu of a Pub in Ancient Pompeii | “Eat like a first-century Roman, using recent archaeological discoveries as your guide.”
  10. Ok, since a lot of people seem confused, I’ll explain what’s going on with GME. | “Brace yourselves. This is gonna be a long thread. This is a once in a lifetime historical event. It’s insane. At least 1 hedge fund has gone bankrupt, thanks to a group of average joes on Reddit. By the end of the week, there will be a line of bankruptcies.”

Image: courtesy Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford (link #3).