The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #228

  1. ‘My 2020 in Data (So Far)’ | “Giorgia Lupi documents her life during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in a data visualization for ‘The New York Times.’
  2. Web Conversations With the Year 2000 & Web Conversation From the Other Side | “I wrote a piece on here the other day in which ‘2000 me’ had a conversation with ‘2020 me’ about the state of the web. It was fun to write, because I love making easy jokes at the expense of the tech industry. But as I went about my days I kept asking myself: What would that conversation look like if it were more serious? So…here. I kept 2000 me’s questions the same. Even though 1/100th as many people will read this one, I wanted to get it down.”
  3. How to Build an Effective Home Office | “Everyone’s ideal home office set up will be different. It might take a bit of time to adjust your workspace so that it works for you and there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. The trick is to find a space that helps you to feel calm, focussed and positive.”
  4. Need to switch up your home office? | “A design expert shares her 7 favorite setups on Instagram.”
  5. A Mission to Make Virtual Parties Actually Fun | “Let’s be honest, Zoom birthdays and happy hours are bad. But an emerging type of platform known as “proximity chat” could offer a better option.”
  6. Yes, Product Thinking Can Save Journalism. Six Reasons Why News Media Need Product Thinkers. | “Product thinking is the most important mindset for media companies to embrace today. For news organizations, especially, product thinking is the best way—or only way—to ensure that you are reaching and engaging people, and building a sustainable future. Here are six reasons why news organizations need product thinkers—and a product-thinking culture.”
  7. Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive | “Utilizing an in-development Flash emulator called Ruffle, we have added Flash support to the Internet Archive’s Emularity system, letting a subset of Flash items play in the browser as if you had a Flash plugin installed. While Ruffle’s compatibility with Flash is less than 100%, it will play a very large portion of historical Flash animation in the browser, at both a smooth and accurate rate.” Related: A Flash Memory.
  8. Patagonia creates an ad that’s a palindrome | “For Black Friday, Patagonia ran an ad in the print issue of the New York Times that had a clever palindromic form — you read the lines from top to bottom, then again from bottom to top.”
  9. $5 gigs, not $10m deals: the story of US punk label Dischord Records | “With no contracts and cheap releases from the likes of Fugazi and Minor Threat, Ian MacKaye and comrades rejected booze, drugs and riches to give US punk a conscience. They look back on 40 years of righteous noise.”
  10. Boil the Frog | “Create a (nearly) seamless playlist between (almost) any two artists.”

Image via link #1: The New York Times.