The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #227

  1. 5 Tips for Improving Your Organization’s Microlearning | “Microlearning is a buzzword used widely in the edtech industry, with many learning designers simply chunking learning content into small pieces of three to five minutes without actually solving competency-based problems like learner engagement, lack of time and the shorter memory span of modern learners. Much of this buzz also disregards three strategic aspects of Microlearning: content design, learning design and learning delivery. In doing so, content creators undermine the true potential of microlearning.”
  2. Meet meeting fatigue face-to-face (part 1 of 3) | “Because so many Americans refuse to wear masks or avoid large gatherings, we’re looking at a whole new set of lockdowns as winter approaches and new infections top a million a week. Even with promising coronavirus vaccines in the news, this means even more virtual meetings. Here’s how to stay ‘on’ when you’re always on-screen.
  3. The iPhone 12 Pro Max: Real Pro Photography | “At Halide HQ, we’ve been busily working away on a very deep, technical analysis of what’s new in iPhone 12 cameras this year. All four of ’em. On Friday, we got our hands on the final iPhones in this year’s line-up, the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.”
  4. In the Shadows of Perfectionism: Impostor Syndrome | “Deep down, many perfectionists feel like phonies. Their lofty, self-imposed standards also isolates them from others. A recovering perfectionist shares how they became free.”
  5. How to Remember What You Read | “How I Digest Books (Plus: A Few Recent Favorite Books)” by Tim Ferriss.
  6. Incomplete WFH Change Management Puts Companies At Risk | “Remote work is on the rise as company after company is announcing that their work from home contingency plan has now extended into a semi-permanent or permanent workplace flexibility model. But is the distribution of a workforce the same as operating as a fully distributed company?”
  7. What does your video call background say about you? | “Why you might want to rethink that blank wall.”
  8. Oxford Pennant | “We design and manufacture custom pennants, flags and banners! Have an idea for your own Oxford Pennant? Great! Shoot us an email for pricing information, colors and templates. Terrible at design? We can help! Graphic design is our passion.” Via Chris Glass.
  9. How The Coronavirus Has Affected Individual Members Of Congress | “The coronavirus pandemic continues to upend the daily work of Congress, which has seen a series of outbreaks. By November, more than 25 members of Congress and at least 150 workers have tested positive, or were presumed so, for the coronavirus. And a Florida member’s aide died this summer from COVID-19.”
  10. It’s Time to Hunker Down | “A devastating surge is here. Unless Americans act aggressively, it will get much larger, very quickly.”

Image: products available from Oxford Pennant, link #8.