The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #226

  1. Adobe Liquid Mode is ideal for PDF files on small devices | “One of the pitfalls of reading PDF files on small e-readers and smartphones, is all of the pinching and zooming you have to do… Adobe has launched a new feature it calls “Liquid Mode.” Liquid Mode taps Adobe’s AI engine, Sensei, to analyze a PDF and automatically rebuild it for mobile devices.”
  2. My design systems reading list. | “A couple weeks ago, a friend asked if I’d be willing to share some favorite articles about design systems. After a few hours’ work, I tossed some links in an email, and sent it over. When they replied to thank me, they added a note that surprised me: they asked if I’d consider publishing the list online.” Via Chris Glass.
  3. The History of the URL | “On the 11th of January 1982 twenty-two computer scientists met to discuss an issue with ‘computer mail’ (now known as email). Attendees included the guy who would create Sun Microsystems, the guy who made Zork, the NTP guy, and the guy who convinced the government to pay for Unix. The problem was simple: there were 455 hosts on the ARPANET and the situation was getting out of control.” Via Coudal Partners.
  4. How Do I Tell My Boss I Don’t Want to Work in the Office? | “He’s disrespecting our company’s remote work policy.”
  5. Smell Like A Million Books With Powell’s Books New Fragrance ‘Eau de Bookstore’ | “Waft this new scent for hints of wood, violet, and… musty paperback? Powell’s Books, the beloved independent shop in Portland, recently announced a limited-edition perfume that smells just like its seemingly endless rows of new and used titles.”
  6. The 10 Happiest Songs, According to Science | “It’s hard to listen to Katrina and the Waves’s ‘Walking on Sunshine’ without feeling a little like you’re actually walking on sunshine. And ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ is bound to turn you into one for roughly 3.5 minutes. According to Baltimore radio station Mix 106.5, this isn’t surprising—those tunes are two of the most uplifting songs ever to grace the airwaves.” Via swissmiss.
  7. The fascinating stories behind 12 iconic band logos | “Throughout rock history, some bands and musicians have relied solely on their names to promote their music. Others have developed logos that would become inextricable from their identity. From The Rolling Stones’ ‘tongue and lips’ to the Grateful Dead’s ‘Steal Your Face,’ here are the stories behind 12 of the rock world’s most recognizable logos.”
  8. Follow the 10-20-30 Rule for Killer Presentations | “A VC offers dead-simple guidance to save himself from a tsunami of terrible pitches.”
  9. Donald J. Trump Presidential Library | “This is a work of satire and/or parody, and not a real project. As far as the team is aware, no architect has been commissioned to do the presidential library. We are not expecting an RFP.”
  10. CONSTANTLY WRONG: The Case Against Conspiracy Theories | “An episodic documentary about the hidden forces that shape our lives. From the creator of ‘Everything is a Remix'”

Image: ARPANET drawing courtesy Alex McKenzie, link #3.