The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #221

  1. How to Pitch an Idea, According to an Oscar-Winning Actor | “Matthew McConaughey brings his communication skills to the classroom.”
  2. The deep work guide to Slack | “Here’s my guide to how knowledge workers today can use Slack while being more productive and preventing it from taking over their lives.”
  3. Is It Time to Let Employees Work from Anywhere? | “In supplementary analyses, we also found that examiners transitioning to WFA relocated, on average, to locations with significantly lower costs of living, representing an effective increase in real salary for these employees, with no increased cost to the organization.” (From 2019, but even more relevant now.)
  4. 4 Unexpected Causes of Burnout | “This is why you’re hitting the wall.”
  5. Five Key Stages Of The Creative Process | “When we think about the definition of the creative process, what usually comes to mind is a completely subjective, nebulous series of wayward steps exclusively understood by gifted creatives. As if it is some sort of secret code that only the Van Goghs, the Banksys, the Picassos, The Warhols, and the Rodins of the world have access to. Though a romantic way to think of it, the notion that an understanding of the creative process is only bestowed to the “innately creative” among us is rather stifling. The reality is that everyone — including you — is creative. It’s really just a matter of tapping into those juices.”
  6. How to Keep Your Collections From Looking Like Clutter | “There’s an art to arranging collections like a pro. Here are a few pointers.”
  7. Doxcare | “Prevention and Aftercare for Those Targeted by Doxxing and Political Harassment.”
  8. Delete Your Old Accounts (If You Can) | “No one should have to spend five minutes searching for a how-to guide to delete an account. If you’re having trouble finding such instructions, entire websites such as Just Delete Me and Account Killer exist to help.”
  9. Recognize Misinformation on the Internet | “Identifying reliable information online is especially urgent, and especially for seniors.”
  10. Our Successful Return to Campus: An Update from Your University President | “Dear Valued Community Members, I’m writing to announce the immediate, successful conclusion of Phase One of our Campus Comeback™ initiative! Your hard work and dedication have resulted in a wonderful and memorable first week of the Fall semester. Now, thanks to your efforts, along with a sharp and completely unforeseeable spike in COVID-19 cases, we will be entering Campus Comeback™ Phase Two, in which we will immediately convert to online-only learning and everyone on campus is ordered to shelter in place.”

Photo by Windows on Unsplash.