The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #207

  1. When Your Employees Are Remote, You Have To Stop The Body-In-Seat Mentality | “There’s an insidious attitude permeating many companies; that when employees have their bodies-in-their-seats, it means they’re productive. But if you’ve ever seen studies on actual employee productivity, or if you’ve ever forced yourself to sit at your desk for eight straight hours, you know that having a body-in-the-seat does not equal productivity. And the problem becomes especially acute when the body-in-seat mentality follows suddenly-remote employees into their home workspace.”
  2. 9 things the most productive WFH people do 30 minutes before logging off | “One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear from people working from home? The struggle to bring their workday to a definitive close.”
  3. Quarantine games | A collection of online games: “i hope this resource is helpful to you. i tried to put in as many different types of games as i could. i also included as many sites and mirrors as i could for each game. ctrl+f if you think you can’t find something, because it’s probably already on here!”
  4. How to Talk to Coronavirus Skeptics | “There’s been a lot of loose talk about distrust in science. The reality is that, if we look at careful public-opinion polls, what we see is that most people do trust science on most things, and most people trust experts on most things… But, when it comes to science, the big exception has to do with what I’ve written about, which is implicatory denial. That is to say, we reject scientific findings because we don’t like their implications.”
  5. Coronavirus clue? Most cases aboard U.S. aircraft carrier are symptom-free | “The possibility that the coronavirus spreads in a mostly stealthy mode among a population of largely young, healthy people showing no symptoms could have major implications for U.S. policy-makers, who are considering how and when to reopen the economy.”
  6. The Answer to All of Your Social Distancing Loophole Questions Is No | “Viruses don’t operate by potential carriers’ best intentions. They operate exclusively by our actions.”
  7. COVID-19 Pandemic charts | “A presentation based on You can embed any of our charts in your work.”
  8. “My Wife Hates it When I Work From Home” | “Banksy shares Rats Run Amok in his bathroom from quarantine.”
  9. The Food Expiration Dates You Should Actually Follow | “The first thing you should know? The dates, as we know them, have nothing to do with safety. J. Kenji López-Alt explains.”
  10. 5 must-haves for effective and engaging virtual collaboration | “We are now virtual workers, doing everything through a screen and on a wire. Here are five things that can help make your virtual collaboration virtually perfect.”

Image: artwork by Banksy, link #8.