The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #20

  1. Recovering the Doves Type | “In 1916, the Doves Type was seemingly lost forever after it was thrown into the River Thames. Almost 100 years later, and after spending three years making a digital version, designer Robert Green has recovered 150 pieces from their watery grave…”
  2. Paul Renner’s original design for Futura | “The initial design included several geometrically constructed alternative characters and ranging (old-style) figures…”
  3. Design Methods – toolkit | “The MediaLAB Amsterdam method card collection is a very wide range of design and research methods that can be used to get the necessary insights.”
  4. The First Webpage Viewed on an Early Web Browser | “Dialed Up With a Modem and Terminal From the 1960s”.
  5. 9 Infographics To Help You Understand The Woolly World Of Science | “A sprawling new ‘Atlas of Infographics’ compiles 280 contemporary data visualizations, beautifully illuminating complex scientific concepts.”
  6. How Designers Recreated Alan Turing’s Top-Secret, Code-Cracking World In “The Imitation Game” | “In an exclusive interview, studio minalima reveal how they recreated the printed artifacts from 1940s code-breaking.”
  7. Death to typewriters | “I blame typewriters for double-handedly setting typography back by centuries.”
  8. Design education is “tragic” says Jonathan Ive | “So many of the designers that we interview don’t know how to make stuff, because workshops in design schools are expensive and computers are cheaper,” said Ive.
  9. 3 Serious Reasons to Design Funny | “Give your design work a good sense of humor with Design Funny by Heather Bradley, former creative director for Cheezburger and LOL Cats.”
  10. 30 Simple Tools For Data Visualization | “There have never been more technologies available to collect, examine, and render data. Here are 30 different notable pieces of data visualization software good for any designer’s repertoire.”

Type sample by Paul Renner.