The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #198

  1. The mythology of startup success has to change | “It’s the Shark-Tank-ification of building businesses. It’s mythology, really. A narrative of Herculean efforts, nonstop ‘hustle’ and miraculous overnight successes which has only been amplified by startup blogs, startup events, successful founders, investors, social media, and, ultimately, popular media.”
  2. Under stress at work? Just remember: Don’t believe what you think. | “Here’s how you can take control of your brain’s knee-jerk reactions to distressing situations, says psychology researcher Lisa Penney.”
  3. Peter Saville Wrote the Source Code | “How the English graphic designer set the course for contemporary visual culture.”
  4. NYPL Labs: What’s on the menu? | “With approximately 45,000 menus dating from the 1840s to the present, The New York Public Library’s restaurant menu collection is one of the largest in the world, used by historians, chefs, novelists and everyday food enthusiasts.”
  5. A 2020 Retrospective on the History of Work – Infographic | “Welcome to 2020. You’ve made it to a new decade of work and life. Buckle up because it’ll be like no other that’s come before it. Things have changed so much in just a few decades, influencing how we approach our work in ways you can only see when you stop and take a look back. What has changed, what hasn’t, and what does the future of work hold?”
  6. How did Mary Engelbreit get so woke? | “St. Louis artist known for cute drawings isn’t holding back.” (Tremendousness STL actually works out of her old office space!)
  7. Storyblaster | “Grow your audience, increase sales, and raise funds through the only story-based social media management platform.”
  8. Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open | “Being a mostly-normal person I never usually read privacy policies. Instead I vigorously hammer the “yes” button in an effort to reach the game, machine, or medical advice on the other side of the agreement as fast as possible. But Wacom’s request made me pause.”
  9. Tool to Help Journalists Spot Doctored Images Is Unveiled by Jigsaw | “The company, owned by Google’s parent, introduced a free tool it calls Assembler to sort out real images from fake ones.”
  10. Meet the guys who tape Trump’s papers back together | “The president’s unofficial ‘filing system’ involves tearing up documents into pieces, even when they’re supposed to be preserved.”

Image: vintage menus via link #4, NYPL.