The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #197

  1. What Is Leadership Storytelling, Anyway? | “When I started Leadership Story Lab 10 years ago, I got a lot of blank stares whenever I said ‘I teach storytelling.’ People would search for the closest thing they knew. ‘You mean, like writing children’s books?’ Now, a decade later, almost all responses I hear are in the variety of, ‘oh, I just read an article on business storytelling!'”
  2. Jason Polan, Fast-Drawing Artist of the Offbeat, Dies at 37 | “His projects included a quixotic quest to sketch everyone in New York City.”
  3. How Walking Enhances Cognitive Performance | “Are long walks the secret to success?”
  4. Why procrastination is about managing emotions, not time | “Address the real reasons you procrastinate and you’re more likely to start achieving your goals.”
  5. Even a year’s worth of Hokusai may not be enough to display his genius | “There are a lot of origin points one might pick for what we now call modern art in Europe. There were changes in science, industry, politics and everyday culture that came with the spread of electric light and the camera. Then there was the arrival of the U.S. Navy in Japan in the 1850s, an undiplomatic episode of bullying and force majeure that “opened” Japan to the West. That meant exposure to Japanese art for Western artists and collectors, and the impact was enormous.”
  6. There’s a museum in Japan that honors rocks which resemble human faces | “Inside the ‘hall of curious rocks’ you’ll find hundreds of rocks that look a lot like people’s faces. Among them, you’ll find ET or Elvis.”
  7. New study suggests Donald Trump’s ‘fake news’ attacks are backfiring | “People tend to become more trusting of news stories after being exposed to President Donald Trump’s tweets attacking so-called ‘fake news,’ according to new research published in Mass Communication and Society. The findings provide evidence that Trump’s tweets are having the opposite of their intended effect.”
  8. Jim Lehrer’s Rules of Journalism | “The long-time host of PBS NewsHour Jim Lehrer died this week at the age of 85. In this age of news as entertainment and opinion as news, Lehrer seems like one of the last of a breed of journalist who took seriously the integrity of informing the American public about important events. In a 1997 report by The Aspen Institute, Lehrer outlined the guidelines he adhered to in practicing journalism…”
  9. Can you point to Ukraine on a map? | “That’s what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly asked NPR anchor Mary Louise Kelly. In a 2014 survey, about 16 percent of Americans could correctly locate Ukraine. About 60 percent of visitors to this page found it on the first try. Can you find Ukraine on a map?”
  10. How Aldi’s Instagram posts all line up together | Neat and clean.

Image: photo via ZME Science, link #6.