The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #194

  1. 100 things that made my year (2019) | “1. Moving back to Texas. 2. Publishing a book that genuinely felt like the best I could do. 3. Surviving book tour.”
  2. 4 Ideas to Boost Your Creativity | “Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and other insights from Forge.”
  3. 20,000 People Just Explained How Creativity Works | “For its “2019 Ideas Report,” the creative set of tools company, WeTransfer, surveyed over 20,000 creatives across a variety of industries. The report cites high-profile creatives like designer Debbie Millman, writer Roxane Gay and musician John Legend. It also reveals some startling findings about creativity.”
  4. Only You Can Prevent Dystopia | “How to survive the internet in 2020. (It’s not going to be easy.)”
  5. ‘It’s demoralizing’: Confessions of a creative director on the effects of project-based work | “The shift to project-based work assignments rather that agency-of-record commitments is changing the agency business — and the agency-client relationship.”
  6. Slidedocs | “Presentations are one of the most powerful tools for persuasive communication, but they’re not always the right vehicle to deliver information. Sometimes, people need to digest ideas at their own pace, or they need more in-depth information than you want to put on a slide. Enter slidedocs. Slidedocs are visual documents developed in presentation software that are intended to be read and referenced instead of projected.”
  7. Michael Bierut: Maverick Brander | “When companies need help refining or defining their identity, they call Michael Bierut.”
  8. 4AD Graphic Designer Vaughan Oliver Dead at 62 | “As a young man, Oliver’s two passions were music and visual art, taking specific interest in the surrealist dreamscapes of Roger Dean and Salvador Dali, who inspired him to study graphic at the Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic. Joined by his childhood friend, the photographer and filmmaker Nigel Grierson, the pair launched 23 Envelope, the design studio responsible for many of 4AD’s most beloved record covers including Pixies’ Surfer Rosa, Cocteau Twins’ Treasure, and The Breeders’ Last Splash.”
  9. 2020 design_related conference global list | Just that, a big list of design conferences.
  10. The Media Is Broken | “And not for the reasons you think.”

Image: left artwork by Austin Kleon, right album cover by Vaughan Oliver.