The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #192

  1. My magic response to “Hey, can I pick your brain?” | “The first few times it happens, it feels like a positive signal. Somebody wants your advice and perspective. You must be good at what you do. And that’s gotta translate to your career…somehow, right? Thing is, it’s fun to feel appreciated, right up until the moment when you don’t feel appreciated anymore.”
  2. Stone Age Cave Symbols May All Be Part of a Single Prehistoric Proto-Writing System | “While studying some of the oldest art in the world found in caves and engraved on animal bones or shells, paleoanthropologist Genevieve von Petzinger has found evidence of a proto-writing system that perhaps developed in Africa and then spread throughout the world.”
  4. Descript | “It’s how you make a podcast. Record. Transcribe. Edit. Mix. As easy as typing. Take control of your podcast with Descript.”
  5. Shape-Shifting Figure by Frank Force Wins Best Illusion of 2019 | “Is it rotating vertically or horizontally? Clockwise or counterclockwise? An optical illusion created by game developer and artist Frank Force features a moving shape that seemingly shifts each way. It’s no surprise that the work won the 2019 contest for the Best Illusion of the Year.”
  6. Meet ‘Chet.’ His Employer Knows What Time He Woke Up Today. | “Follow a day in the life of our fictional American office worker as his company tracks what he does, where he goes and whom he meets.”
  7. What if You Had a Four-Day Week? Why Don’t You? | “People have been predicting a four-day workweek for decades, so what’s taking so long?”
  8. What a Brief Jog Can Do for Your Brain | “Just 15 minutes of movement is all it takes.”
  9. The Human Toll of the 2019 Media Apocalypse | “More than 3,000 journalists lost their jobs this year. These are some of their stories.”
  10. Present wrapping hack | “You’ve got to be kidding me. After all these years…”

Image: visual via New Scientist, link #2.