The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #19

  1. Why Getting Your Story Right Matters So Much When You’re in Front of an Audience | “According to scientists, language shapes our thinking and our experience in the world. To help you persuade and influence, choose words that paint the right picture in your listeners’ mind.”
  2. The Untold Story Of Shake Shack’s $1.6 Billion Branding | “For the first time, Pentagram tells the story of building Shake Shack’s branding from the ground up.”
  3. Why You Should Carry A Notebook | “In this installment of Carry Smarter, we’re continuing with part two of our analog writing series. Learn why and how you should carry a pocket notebook and check out our suggestions on the best memo books to get you started.”
  4. Flickr takes a step forward with a new interface and a timeline | “Camera Roll is sleeker and more user-friendly.”
  5. Rebranding After a Merger | “In business today, companies are being built and sold faster than they’ve ever been before. Every day there are new startups, new products and new services. Every day there are competitors joining forces in the hopes of seizing an even larger share of the market.”
  6. Creative cultures: Mailchimp grants employees ‘permission to be creative’ | “This is the first in a series on corporate culture. From business philosophy to talent acquisition and management, customer service and product development, we’ll examine the inner workings of successful companies and the ways they build cultures that promote and harness creativity.”
  7. Timely and Timeless – The Design of Charles S. Anderson | “One of the best parts about recruiting judges for the Regional Design Annual: Getting a chance to browse their brilliant archives—in this case, the work of team CSA Design.”
  8. Chartjunk | By Edward Tufte, from The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (1983, 2001).
  9. Study: Hiking Makes You Happier | “Research shows outdoor walks improve mental health.”
  10. Are We Designing Nutrition Labels All Wrong? | “One recent study says yes—and offers a better way forward.”

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons, by user B137.