The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #187

  1. Evolution of the Scrollbar | Self-explanatory. Via …while we’re at it, this is from Kottke too: The Size of Space.
  2. Visual capture at Express Scripts’ 2019 Experience Diversity Summit | “If you’re paying attention to news and social media, then you’re no doubt aware of the need for greater inclusivity and equality in all aspects of life. The Experience Diversity Summit, Express Scripts’ seventh, gives a full and unfettered context to the soundbites and headlines you see day-to-day. It’s a venue for those whose stories all too often go unheard.”
  3. Lynda Barry’s “Making Comics” is one of the best, most practical books ever written about creativity | “I’ve been a fan of cartoonist, novelist and memoirist Lynda Barry for decades, long before she was declared a certified genius; Barry’s latest book, Making Comics is an intensely practical, incredibly inspiring curriculum for finding, honing and realizing your creativity through drawing and writing.”
  4. Acqua Alta | “Crossing the mirror is a pop-up book whose drawings and paper volumes are the décor of a story, only visible in augmented reality. Looking through a tablet or a smartphone, the ten double-pages of the book become the stage for a short dance performance – thanks to a custom-made augmented reality application.”
  5. A design system governance process | “You can have a comprehensive design system that contains a slew of well-structured components, thorough documentation, thoughtful guidelines, and a well-considered design language. But if a design system user can’t get done what they’re trying to get done, the whole system risks obsolescence.”
  6. We Buy White Albums | “I collect numbered White Albums and currently have 2,465 copies. Every album is posted @webuywhitealbums. Let me know if you have a copy in any condition.” Via Coudal.
  7. Also via Coudal: Arcade Game Typography | “The first book of its kind – a definitive and beautifully designed survey of ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s arcade game pixel typography. Exhaustively researched by author Toshi Omagari (a celebrated typeface designer at Monotype UK) Arcade Game Typography gathers together 250 pixel typefaces, all carefully chosen, extracted, redrawn and categorised by style, and each with an accompanying commentary by Omagari.”
  8. It’s Possible for a Workplace to Be Too Casual, According to a New Survey | “While it’s unlikely too many of us miss the five-day-a-week suit-and-tie regime, a new survey from learning platform Udemy of 1,000 workers suggests that there is such a thing as a too-casual work environment.”
  9. The To-Do List Method for People With Crazy Lives and Short Attention Spans | “If you constantly feel like you have too much on your plate, give this trick a try.”
  10. The happiness ruse | “How did feeling good become a matter of relentless, competitive work; a never-to-be-attained goal which makes us miserable?”

Image: book cover for Arcade Game Typography, link #7.