The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #185

  1. Peculiar Prompts: 365 Ways to Explore, Make, Think, and Write | “We should probably all be more peculiar. Looking for a mindful way to spark your creativity? Need an excuse to get a little weird? Peculiar Prompts is for you. This free download includes 365 prompts for exploring, making, thinking, and writing.”
  2. Welcome to Streamline. The world’s largest icon library. | “You read that right. Lots of icons in this release! Over 10,500 in three different weights. 53 categories, 720 sub categories, and over 30,000 something in total. We’ve actually lost count…”
  3. Pixar in a Box: Introduction to storytelling | “One of the big revelations for telling stories, is how much work they are, really.”
  4. A Like Can’t Go Anywhere, But a Compliment Can Go a Long Way | “This is a blog post about how social networks can structurally inspire negativity by making positivity a feature.”
  5. The designer’s guide to Netflix: 12 must-watch shows and movies | “From neuroscience to documentaries to lost footage, all of these shows will spark your imagination and leave you amazed at what the human mind can accomplish.”
  6. The Single Most Important Internal Email in the History of Amazon | “In 2011, a post came out under the name of Stevey’s Google Platforms Rant. I have revisited the article over and over again over the years (if you haven’t read it yet it really is fantastic) and to this day I think this is the single best article I’ve ever read about organization architecture and the management of IT.”
  7. Common mistakes people make when having a hard conversation at work | “As a leadership expert, I help people negotiate these high-stakes situations frequently. These are the recurring issues I see.”
  8. Why Every CEO Needs to Think Like a Hacker, Stalker, or White Nationalist | “It’s 2019. Every product should be built with bad actors in mind.”
  9. Donald Judd on How to Be an Artist | “Judd made the work he wanted to make, leaving practical exhibition problems to others. These attitudes secured his legacy as a highly respected and original artist.”
  10. Creativity Takes Time | “I love this advice from Jenny Odell (author of How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy“.

Image: screenshot from the Streamline site, link #2.