The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #184 (say hi to Susanne!)

Hi! I’m Susanne, a design strategist at Tremendousness. This week I’m taking the reins of the Tremendous 10 link roundup.

Here’s my collection of sweeeet interactive design inspiration, compelling data viz, and a grab bag filled with illustration, motivation, and cats. Enjoy! 

  1. Two Dots | Fun and challenging, plus gorgeous illustration, equals crazy-good game design.
  2. Muzli | Weekly interactive design inspiration, with Chrome extension, too.
  3. National Book Awards Longlist: Fiction | The best stories stick with you for a long time, so I try to follow the fiction nominees and winners every year (shortlist coming next week!).
  4. Thi Bui | I loved Bui’s graphic novel The Best We Could Do and recently learned about the Nib, where she creates other illustrated articles and political commentary.
  5. Anarctic Dispatches | A great use of interactive design by The New York Times to tell an intense story.
  6. Design Maturity Report | Great report about how design drives strategic business value.
  7. Flowing Data | An excellent data visualization blog, complete with process explanations and analysis tips.  
  8. #fastbraidfriday | As St. Louis Olympian Colleen Quigley says, “The braids don’t make you fast—you are already fast!”
  9. Daybreaker | As an early morning riser, I love this idea—in spirit and in execution. 
  10. Cat Bounce | Just wow—so cute, so fun, so impressive.

Image: screenshot from the Invision site, link # 6.