The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #181

  1. Ashley C. Ford: Imagination Is a Creative Superpower | “In her inspiring 99U talk, writer Ashley C. Ford explains how significant life experiences opened up her ability to expect things she didn’t previously think were possible for herself and others. The lack of imagination, Ashley tells us, is what holds us back as humans. But nurturing the superpower of imagination within yourself opens up endless possibilities for your work, life, and impact on other people.”
  2. How To Write by Elizabeth Gilbert | “1.) Tell your story TO someone. Pick one person you love or admire or want to connect with, and write the whole thing directly to them —like you’re writing a letter. This will bring forth your natural voice. Whatever you do, do NOT write to a demographic. Ugh.
  3. Ideation sessions provide structure for creativity and collaboration | “Ideation is part of the design process. It’s about generating as many ideas as possible to solve a problem. In a workshop setting, it’s similar to crowdsourcing—just with a very tailored “crowd”. Essentially, ideation workshops involve bringing people together to generate as many ideas as they can to solve a specific problem.”
  4. 3 Elements of Great Visual Storytelling | “Telling a compelling visual story isn’t easy. Deploy these strategies to see better marketing returns.”
  5. 10 visual storytelling tips from top agencies | “Leading experts reveal how to bring your stories to visual life.”
  6. The Glorious Poster Art of the Soviet Space Program in Its Golden Age (1958-1963) | “How do you sell a government program that spends tens of millions of dollars on research and development for space travel? While the average taxpayer may love the idea of braving new frontiers, far fewer are apt to vote for funding scientific research, the space program’s ostensible reason for being.”
  7. How to get press for your creative work | “A guide to creating a PR strategy, refining your story, and pitching writers, written by Kate Bernyk with illustrations by Qiong Li.”
  8. Leon Sans | A nice font with an incredible promo for it.
  9. The Original Evil Corporation | “The East India Company, a trading firm with its own army, was masterful at manipulating governments for its own profit. It’s the prototype for today’s multinationals.”
  10. Why does Trump’s hurricane map look different from others? | “The president has claimed for days Hurricane Dorian was projected to hit Alabama. Forecasters said it was not.”

Image: screenshot from 99U’s video of Ashley C. Ford, link #1.