The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #18

  1. Nicholas Felton Will Teach You Data Viz In A $10 Online Class | “Want to learn data visualization from the best? Now you can.”
  2. Small Is Bountiful | “Over all, since 1990, small businesses (with, generally, fewer than five hundred employees or less than $7.5 million in annual receipts) have added millions of employees, while big businesses have shed millions.”
  3. It’s Not Just Björk | “Women Are Tired of Not Getting Credit for Their Own Music”
  4. Learning How to Write All Over Again | “An Interview with Scott McCloud”
  5. 100 Years of National Geographic Maps: The Art and Science of Where | “Since 1915, National Geographic cartographers have charted earth, seas, and skies in maps capable of evoking dreams.”
  6. 9 Habits That Lead To Terrible Decision-Making | “Our choices define us. And for those running countries or companies, routine decisions can have dramatic effects on people’s lives.”
  7. The Future of Illustrations on the Web | “Animations like these were really popular about 5 years ago when the use of Flash was at its peak. Now, with a wide range of new options to achieve similar results outside of Flash, animated illustrations are back on the upswing.”
  8. Brilliant Words Of Advice From 14 Great Graphic Designers | “A new book anthologizes the wisdom of the most influential designers in the world.”
  9. Productivity Quest: Email by Jessica Hische | “My system may not be one size fits all, but there are some things I’ve implemented that I think could truly work for anyone and help you unbury yourself from massive piles of email.”
  10. What cloud services do you use? | “I made a list of services I use personally or subscribe to with my companies CreativeMornings and Tattly. I was surprised to see how long the list is.”

Image via Print Magazine.