The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #178

  1. Design Questions Library | “How does design work? We’re asked this question often and we’ll always be curious about it. The reality is that design is useful, a bit mysterious, and forever in flux. Right now, this is a guide to some of what we know—and don’t know—about how design works.”
  2. A Year of Working Remotely | “It’s been exactly one year since I joined InVision, and after learning the ropes of remote work at an 800+ person all-remote company, I wanted to share some thoughts on how placelessness may affect the way we work in the future.”
  3. Tips from 16 years of working from home | “I just read Mike Davidson’s great post on remote work advice after a year of it at Invision. I realized I’ve been remote for four and a half years at Slack and before that I ran my own company from my home office and before that I worked remotely as well. Since I moved to Oregon in 2003, I haven’t worked in a traditional office and I wanted to share the things I’ve learned.”
  4. How Muji COO Toru Akita Keeps His Daily Routine Super Normal | “Adhering to Muji’s no-frills ethos, Akita reduces his schedule to the basics.”
  5. Writing and the Creative Life: The Magic of Ambient Noise | “There may be a decibel level of ambient noise to facilitate creative thought.” Related: Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent
  6. World Mercator map projection with true country size and shape added.
  7. The Secret History of ‘Easter Eggs’ | “Yes, Google, Tesla, Amazon and others are still hiding quirky software surprises in their products, mostly to give you a chuckle.”
  8. Luke Wroblewski on Twitter: “how things “look” in a user interface isn’t just aesthetic preference. it impacts how they are or aren’t used.”
  9. What Should an Artist Save? | “As our culture’s expectations of artists and art have changed, archives have moved on from the library and transformed into something stranger and more amorphous.”
  10. Reel life — tips for cutting animation highlight reels | “Cutting together a highlight reel of recent video work is daunting; you may find yourself asking, ‘How can I possibly distill all the cool stuff I made over the past year or two down to just one minute?!’ It’s easier than you might think.”

Image: via link #1, Design Questions Library.