The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #174 (say hi to Maddy!)

By Maddy Mueller (alum)

Hello everyone! Tremendousness intern Maddy Mueller here. I’m an illustrator and recent college graduate, and I’m taking over The Tremendous 10 this week to post a (non-exhaustive) collection of my recent inspirations.

The list is divided into two sections: favorite artists—contemporary illustrators I admire, and favorite projects—web-based projects I’ve found particularly inspiring recently.

Favorite artists

  • Louie Zong | Jack of all trades illustrator and fantastic storyteller.
  • Matt Forsythe | Animation designer and children’s book illustrator with a great skill in color and mixed-media work.
  • Jean Jullien | Who doesn’t like Jean Jullien? My favorite cartoonist!
  • Sophie Diao | Google Doodles art director.
  • Rebecca Mock | Incredible draftsman and atmospheric GIF artist.
  • Jarom Vogel | Illustrator who blends artwork with interaction design.

Favorite projects

  • Millennials Are Screwed | HuffPost Highline article from a couple years back—well-done example of illustrated, interactive journalism.
  • Oat the Goat | Interactive story about a goat.
  • Tomato Can Blues | More interactive, illustrated storytelling; this one’s from The New York Times and features some great simple parallax.
  • Way to Go | An artistic, abstract interactive game.

I think these links, particularly the projects, are good examples of the many ways in which illustration is evolving to tell stories in the modern day, as traditional drawing combines with areas like coding and animation. This ambition in storytelling is something I always keep in mind as I try to improve my own work.

That’s all for now—I’m excited to be here!

Image: artwork as seen on HuffPost’s Highline, Millennials Are Screwed.