The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #170

  1. The Myth of ‘Learning Styles’ | “A popular theory that some people learn better visually or aurally keeps getting debunked.”
  2. Ikea recreated living rooms from the Simpsons, Stranger Things & Friends with their own furniture.
  3. Excuse me, do you work here? | “…stores not to scale, based on Madison, Wisconsin USA locations, artist impression (drawn during an airplane flight)… data source is …. ‍♂️ random store visits…”
  4. First You Make the Maps | “How cartography made early modern global trade possible.”
  5. There Is Too Much Stuff | “The human brain can’t contend with the vastness of online shopping.”
  6. Animation Handbook | “I’m excited to share the design concept for Animation Handbook, a new book on Design Better that explains the seven principles of bringing motion into user interface design, and describes how animation is the bridge between telling better stories and engaging users in more human and intuitive ways.”
  7. Big Design — LEARN. SHARE. GROW. | “Big Design is a way of thinking, not just an event. It’s looking at bigger pictures and sharing them so we all grow. Experience, wisdom, and creativity solve problems. Many times, we are trying to solve the same problems but from different angles. Big Design can help you think bigger and learn from people who may not belong to your specific industry. The best part about Big Design is the low cost. For a third of the admission to most other conferences, Big Design delivers a powerful return. Early Bird tickets on sale through May 31st!”
  8. Intentional Subscriptions — Ideas for better subscriptions on iOS | “I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to subscription pricing for apps on iOS. While I don’t currently make use of it in any of my apps, it seems to be the business model most aggressively being pushed right now. It is clearly a powerful tool for building a sustainable income. I mean what could be better than money just continuously pouring into your pocket, right?”
  9. WHO Redefines Burnout As A ‘Syndrome’ Linked To Chronic Stress At Work | “The new definition calls it a ‘syndrome’ and specifically ties burnout to ‘chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.'”
  10. The most disruptive office distractions, ranked | “Of all the distractions that come with working in an office, the biggest is not the room temperature or the traffic sounds from outside. It’s ourselves.”

Image: IKEA’s living room recreations, link #2.