The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #167

  1. What Was the Bauhaus? | “The legacy of the legendary design school is both universal — and universally misunderstood.”
  2. How to Make Data-Driven Visual Essays | “Ilia Blinderman of The Pudding has written a pair of essays about how to make data-driven visual essays. Part 1 covers working with data… Part 2 is on the design process.”
  3. The productivity pit: how Slack is ruining work | “Job software like Teams, Slack, and Workplace were supposed to make us more productive. They haven’t.”
  4. Kickstarter Celebrates 10 Years of Funding Your Crazy Ideas | “The idea that you could tap the collective power of the web to fund all manner of harebrained schemes—for the sake of art, or entertainment, or simply to make something cool—seemed absurd. A decade later, all of that has changed. Kickstarter, which celebrates its 10 birthday this month, has enabled the creation of a number of projects that in any other world might have never existed.”
  5. CC Search is out of beta with 300M images and easier attribution | “CC Search searches images across 19 collections pulled from open APIs and the Common Crawl dataset, including cultural works from museums (the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Art), graphic designs and art works (Behance, DeviantArt), photos from Flickr, and an initial set of CC0 3D designs from Thingiverse.”
  6. How neuroscience beats PowerPoint coma | “Let the expert show how you do it: Five ways to blitz your next office presentation.”
  7. Typography 2020 | “‘You cannot bore people into buying your product’, according to David Ogilvy. So true. Nevertheless, election season arrives, and radical boredom inevitably becomes the preferred strategy for most candidates. Let’s have a look at the typography anyhow.”
  8. How photographer Michael Wolf captured the melancholy of our teeming cities | “From Japanese commuters pressed against train windows to the high-rise hutches of Hong Kong, the German photographer caught the effects of global capitalism on humans.
  9. Contending with clichés in visual communication: the “idea!” light bulb | “A light bulb. A light bulb floating over someone’s head. A light bulb floating over a group of people as they smile and react ecstatically…”
  10. The Case for Doing Nothing | “Stop being so busy, and just do nothing. Trust us.”

Bonus link: Information design utilizing man-made waterfalls!

Image: photo by Michael Wolf, via link #8.