The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #166

  1. My Creative Type | “Discover your creative personality”, courtesy of Adobe.
  2. List of Physical Visualizations and Related Artifacts | “This is a chronological list of physical visualizations and related artifacts, maintained by Pierre Dragicevic and Yvonne Jansen. Thanks to our contributors. Feel free to post a general comment or if you know of another interesting physical visualization, please submit it!”
  3. Zoom and Slack: Building the future of team communication | “An update on our joint commitment to making work seamless across platforms.”
  4. The former lead designer of Gmail just fixed Gmail on his own | “The free Chrome extension Simplify will give you the Gmail you want.”
  5. New Berlin rapid transit route map | “A transit map should be simple, comfortable, and nice-looking, designed with loving care and for people. It should attract tourists to the city and have reasons to make residents enjoy it. Berlin has received such a transit map.”
  6. | “ is a participatory, interactive music video for Rotterdam based artist Jo Goes Hunting. All photographs are taken by the visitors of”
  7. Cultural Cartography | “In 2017, BuzzFeed’s Publisher Dao Nguyen did a TED Talk about how the company thinks about producing content. In it, she introduces a system BuzzFeed developed called cultural cartography.”
  8. Introducing USWDS 2.0 | “Reinvent the experience, not the wheel. Today, we’re launching U.S. Web Design System 2.0 (USWDS 2.0), a new foundation for the future of our design system. This new version was designed to make it easier for any project to integrate USWDS and use it to support your mission and the needs of your audience. USWDS is a library of code, tools, and guidance to help government teams design and build fast, accessible, mobile-friendly government websites backed by user research and modern best practices.”
  9. Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz | “Car hire biz demands $32m+ for ‘defective’ cyber-revamp
    Rental firm fuming after consultancy ‘never delivered a functional site or mobile app’.”
  10. I’ve been replying to hate mail with… | “It must be difficult to feel this way. As a way to feel better, may I suggest…”

Image: photo via link #2, physical visualizations and related artifacts by Pierre Dragicevic and Yvonne Jansen.