The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #165

  1. Storyboarding makes big ideas manageable | “Okay, imagine you were tasked with directing the biggest blockbuster of 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Then you got to this point in the script. ‘They fight.’ What takes up two words in a script results in a scene that spans 12 minutes, impacts hundreds of staff, and kicks off a multitude of decisions. Decisions that will, at times, cost millions of dollars. How do you even begin to consider the scope of such a scene? Similarly, organizations with big ideas also must find ways to wrap their heads around projects that can affect huge numbers of staff, require decisions up and down the org chart, and cost lots of money.”
  2. Sketchnotes 101 | “A number of people have asked about my sketch notes. I have given a few workshops at school for teachers and for students and now, am putting a few thoughts down here for those who are interested. So, here we go! My top five tips for sketch notes!”
  3. TIL that **tint** is a mixture of a color with white, which reduces darkness | “…**shade** is a mixture with black, which increases darkness, **tone** is produced either by mixing a color with grey (or by both tinting and shading), and **hue** is how much red, blue and yellow it has.”
  4. These Recently Unearthed Designs from 1973 Show What McDonald’s Almost Looked Like | “It’s hard to imagine McDonald’s without its signature yellow and red. The golden arches—in #FFC20F for you RGB nerds—have stood the test of time and are an iconic institution around the world.”
  5. The worst volume control UI in the world | “A group of bored developers and designers has decided to start a thread on reddit to figure out who can came up with the worst volume control interface in the world.”
  6. Zoom Has Mastered The Art Of Profitable Growth | “Zoom Video Communications stands out from the pack of companies going public this spring — it’s doubling revenues profitably. What’s more at its estimated IPO price range, it’s expected to enjoy an eight-fold leap in value from its last round of private funding.”
  7. What is your favorite design book that isn’t a traditional design book? | A Twitter thread.
  8. Client: We just want you to do your thing! *Does Thing* | “Client: So we like the thing, but it’s not very similar to this really specific thing we found on the Internet but didn’t show you that we hoped you would perfectly recreate.”
  9. How to stay scrappy. And keep your team happy. | “If you’ve ever worked on a small team with limited resources, you’ve probably felt it — that scrappy spirit. That itch that gets you going when the going gets tough. That burst of motivation when they say you aren’t good enough.”
  10. St. Louis Leads the Nation in Female Entrepreneurs | “St. Louis women may struggle to get paid as much as their male counterparts — but when it comes to starting our own businesses, we lead the pack.”

Image: never used McDonald’s food packaging designs via link #4.