The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #152

  1. The Harvard Color Detectives | “Inside the Arthur M. Sackler Museum at Harvard University, below a vast glass roof and above a neoclassical series of gray stone columns, hangs a fake painting. It’s a Mark Rothko—or, rather, a replica of a Rothko.”
  2. The “Design Thinking” Delusion | “A corporate management technique called “design thinking” promises a frictionless path to saving the world, one brilliant idea at a time. It’s a neoliberal dream — but it’s making its way into politics.”
  3. Weekend With a Designer: Steve Heller Shows Us His Book Fair Finds, Vintage Tea Bags + a Ferry Ride | “Our new series exploring what designers do, see + think about on their days off.”
  4. Brutally Honest by Emily Ruth Cohen | “Brutally Honest gives you the tools you need to whip your creative business into shape. It’s full of advice, insights, and best practices for everything from new business development to proposals to staffing and everything in-between.”
  5. Pro photographer challenged to spot difference between $500 camera and $4,000 camera | “How much better is a $4,000 EOS R than a $500 Rebel T100? Peter McKinnon invited a professional photographer to look at photos taken with both cameras and try to tell which camera was used. He didn’t do a great job.”
  6. The Existential Void of the Pop-Up ‘Experience’ | “I went to as many Instagramable ‘museums,’ ‘factories’ and ‘mansions’ as I could. They nearly broke me.”
  7. Langulaire is only legible to those who take the time to read it | “Langulaire is a display font designed from an illogical, calligraphic point of view. The typeface is made up of two distinctive parts, curves and 90-degree angles. Its creator is the France-based graphic designer and type designer Loris Pernoux, his conception for the font stemming from a simple idea, ‘to design a typeface as an image that is only legible to those who take the time to read it.'”
  8. Thousands more fonts for all Creative Cloud Customers | “In the past year we’ve added more fonts than ever to our library – over 7,000 – doubling the total number of fonts available with all Creative Cloud plans to over 14,000. This has been a huge year for us, and our constant expansion wouldn’t be possible without the valuable partnerships we’ve forged with type designers and foundries around the world.”
  9. A Brief History of the Ouija Board | “As a method of supposed communication with the spirit world, the Ouija board has terrified countless slumber partying children and served as a plot vehicle in a number of Hollywood films. Here’s where it came from.”
  10. Paper Airplane Designs | “A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions.” Via Chris Glass

Image: font sample of Langulaire, link #7.