The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #150

  1. Principal of Design: Rams | “Rams is a documentary portrait of Dieter Rams, one of the most influential designers alive, and a rumination on consumerism, sustainability, and the future of design.”
  2. DRAWING IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN, EVEN IF YOU’RE NO LEONARDO DA VINCI | “‘I just can’t draw.’ It’s a refrain most adults say when confronted with a blank piece of paper. Something happens in our teenage years that makes most of us shy away from drawing, fretting that our draftsmanship skills aren’t up to par, and leaving it to the ‘artists’ among us. But we’ve been thinking about drawing all wrong, says the design historian D.B. Dowd. In his illuminating new book, titled Stick Figures: Drawing as a Human Practice, Dowd argues that putting a pencil to paper shouldn’t be about making art at all.”
  3. Keep Going | “A guide to staying creative in chaotic times. Coming April 2019.”
  4. Daniel Radcliffe and the Art of the Fact-Check | “Researching his role in ‘The Lifespan of a Fact,’ the actor embeds in The New Yorker’s fact-checking department.”
  5. The science of storytelling | “The importance of storytelling has become universally accepted in today’s marketing world, but why does it work so well? Contributor Peter Minnium delves into the biological underpinnings of how stories affect us.”
  6. Trippy Geometric Illustrations by Andy Gilmore | Via Jason Kottke: “The NY Times article about the Event Horizon Telescope that I wrote about here introduced me to Andy Gilmore’s geometric illustrations.”
  7. 26 Paper Engineers From Around the World Turned the Alphabet Into a Limited Edition Book | “The Movable Books Society, a non-profit organization of pop-up book professionals and enthusiasts, recently released a collection of pop-up cards dedicated to the alphabet.”
  8. LOW←TECH MAGAZINE | “This is a solar-powered website, which means it sometimes goes offline.”
  9. 2018 MacArthur Fellows | “Working in diverse fields, from the arts and sciences to public health and civil liberties, these 25 MacArthur Fellows are solving long-standing scientific and mathematical problems, pushing art forms into new and emerging territories, and addressing the urgent needs of under-resourced communities. Their exceptional creativity inspires hope in us all.”
  10. Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050 | This. Is. From. Forbes.

Image: from the film Rams, via link #1.