The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #146

  1. 100 days celebrating Herb Lubalin’s centenary | “100 things over 100 days to celebrate Lubalin’s Centenary. Items selected from the Lubalin archive that surprise and delight, stories from past collaborators and current appreciators, all to celebrate the legacy he left in design.”
  2. How to Keep Going | “I really enjoyed listening to Austin Kleon’s recent talk about how to press forward when doing creative work, even when times get challenging.”
  3. Handmade Sketchbooks Teeming with Colorful Calligraphy, Diagrams, Sketches, and Travel Ephemera by José Naranja | “José Naranja creates beautifully detailed sketchbooks by collaging elements of photography, writing, stamps, and his own precise drawings of everything from poison mushrooms to a bird’s eye view of his dream studio.”
  4. Why the Recruiting Process is Killing Me | “And how human centered design can help.”
  5. The Missing Building Blocks of the Web | “At a time when millions are losing trust in the web’s biggest sites, it’s worth revisiting the idea that the web was supposed to be made out of countless little sites. Here’s a look at the neglected technologies that were supposed to make it possible.”
  6. It’s True, the Creative Brain Is Wired Differently | “A new study reveals a bit of the mystery about how the creative brain functions.”
  7. “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” | “For over thirty years, Fred Rogers, an unassuming minister, puppeteer, writer and producer was beamed daily into homes across America. There hadn’t been anything like Mr. Rogers on television before and there hasn’t been since.”
  8. A brief history of the scatter plot—data visualization’s greatest invention | “Scatter plots are glorious. Of all the major chart types, they are by far the most powerful. They allow us to quickly understand relationships that would be nearly impossible to recognize in a table or a different type of chart.”
  9. Make and Print Your Own Newspaper | “Newspaper Club is here to help you make and print a newspaper. We give you the tools to turn whatever you want into newsprint, quickly and easily.”
  10. News Anchors Reciting Sinclair Propaganda Is Even More Terrifying in Unison | “Over the last week or so, local television news anchors across the country have joined together to paradoxically warn viewers about the ‘troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country.’ The identical, seemingly earnest editorial messages paid lip service to the importance of fact-checking and unbiased reporting, but they also complained about ‘false news’ and ‘fake stories.’ If that seems to echo the rhetoric of President Trump, it’s probably because the statement was written by one of his allies.”

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