The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #145

  1. Netflix Created a Clean, Custom Font That Could Save the Company Millions | “Designer Noah Nathan explains Netflix Sans.”
  2. 12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech | “Tech is more important than ever, deeply affecting culture, politics and society. Given all the time we spend with our gadgets and apps, it’s essential to understand the principles that determine how tech affects our lives.”
  3. The Glory That Was Yahoo | “For one brief shining moment, Yahoo was the king of all it surveyed. Then everything went to hell.”
  4. IDEA | “An ongoing series of nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions.”
  5. Wireframe Deck | “Quickly build and rearrange desktop and mobile layouts and discuss key decisions before moving to the computer. The Wireframe Deck includes 80 2×2″ double-sided cards of common website and UI elements, lo-fi on one side and hi-fi on the other.”
  6. Stefan Sagmeister: Why “beautiful design” makes things work better | “At Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Design Week sat down with graphic designer and co-founder of Sagmeister and Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister to talk about his new beauty project, which is an antidote to designers ‘obsession with functionality’.”
  7. RSA – Simon Sinek – Intensity vs Consistency | “Animation is the process of making small, repetitive, consistent actions, over and over, until you suddenly find you have created something you are proud of. Simon Sinek’s wonderful talk for The RSA is about applying that positive attitude to work and life.”
  8. Junk Drawers as Creative Fuel | “Where do designs come from? If you’re like me, answers to design questions don’t always appear from thin air with a *poof.*”
  9. Future of Content | “The future of content, in my opinion, is all about creating context. We are bombarded with so much information from so many channels every single day, that people crave editorial that can actually help them make sense of everything. We get so much of our ‘content’ in these little bursts now — be it an email, a tweet, a blog post. But it’s always this little bite-sized, isolated bit of information. We rarely understand how it actually fits into our lives.”
  10. Adobe Portfolio | “Beautiful portfolio websites, free with Creative Cloud.”

Image: Netflix Sans, via link #1.