The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #144

  1. This Font Makes Graphics Out Of Numbers In Seconds | “Inspired by Edward Tufte’s “sparklines,” the typeface turns typed numerals into inline data visualizations.”
  2. Can we save DataViz? Or is it just dashboards now? | “The demand for infographics, and data visualization more generally, promised a unique opportunity for oddballs: a place where science and art met; where skills in programming, analysis, and design might all be useful— and bring remunerative, non-boring work.”
  3. What is Master Class? | “Is the future of education paying $90 to watch Werner Herzog tell stories about eating maggots?”
  4. The Creator Of The Web Says Ads Are Killing It But Design Can Save It | “The internet’s problems were “created by people–and can be fixed by people,” writes Tim Berners-Lee.”
  5. National GeographicFor Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It | “We asked a preeminent historian to investigate our coverage of people of color in the U.S. and abroad. Here’s what he found.”
  6. For Two Months, I Got My News From Print Newspapers. Here’s What I Learned. | “In January, after the breaking-newsiest year in recent memory, I decided to travel back in time. I turned off my digital news notifications, unplugged from Twitter and other social networks, and subscribed to home delivery of three print newspapers — The Times, The Wall Street Journal and my local paper, The San Francisco Chronicle — plus a weekly newsmagazine, The Economist. I have spent most days since then getting the news mainly from print, though my self-imposed asceticism allowed for podcasts, email newsletters and long-form nonfiction (books and magazine articles).”
  7. Astronaut’s DNA no longer matches that of his identical twin, NASA finds | “Spending a year in space not only changes your outlook, it transforms your genes. Preliminary results from NASA’s Twins Study reveal that 7% of astronaut Scott Kelly’s genes did not return to normal after his return to Earth two years ago.” UPDATE: How Did Astronaut DNA Become ‘Fake News’? | “For a brief moment, NASA found itself at the center of a digital misinformation campaign.”
  8. Tools & Craft #87: Download Our Free Isometric Graph Paper for Sketching | “Even if you already know how to draw, sometimes this makes quick plans easier.”
  9. On data-focused packaging | “After a redesign of their packaging, RxBar went from $6m in sales (2014) to $130m (2017).”
  10. Twenty. | turned 20 years old on March 14 and I’ve been reading it since the beginning. Congratulations.

Image: RXBar designs, link #9.