The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #143

  1. Irony Doesn’t Scale | “Last week my co-founder Rich Ziade wrote about what he’s learned and experienced over the last two years of running our product studio, Postlight. Which made me wonder: What have I learned working alongside him?”
  2. Do You Need To Be a Dick To Be a Successful Leader? | “It doesn’t take long working in the film industry to meet one, but do you really need to be one? Director, Max Joseph, explores that very question…”
  3. Own Your Content | “Yes, share your work on various platforms and connect with other people, but when cultivating and nurturing the fruits of your labor, do it in your own garden, not someone else’s. If the most fruitful creative careers are focused on the long-haul, a journey as some would call it, then we must think in terms of chess, not checkers.”
  4. 10 Must-Read Design Books To Get You Ready For 2018 | “Reading is a fantastic way to start a new year. These Co.Design favorites from 2017 can help you gain knowledge about the design world and the world around you; others are just great eye candy. Whatever your goals for 2018, crack open these books, and get inspired.”
  5. A counterintuitive way to increase diversity in tech | “You want to increase diversity in tech. You’re a person of privilege, probably white, passably male, perhaps even well-heeled. You already know the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive team: many kinds of eyes make for more insights and fewer surprises. It pains you to hear the sad stories of your underepresented peers. You want to help but don’t know how.”
  6. V6: Color | “A new approach to one of my biggest design weaknesses, using basic color theory, HSL, and Sass.”
  7. Designing and formatting messages in Slack | “Tips to make messages stand out and be easily scanned.”
  8. Food Labels Revealed | “A Fascinating Podcast About What Really Goes Into Processed Food.”
  9. How to keep going.
  10. Ten Thousand.

Image: from the V6: Color article, link #6.