The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #131

  1. 10 things I wish every design student knew | “This week I had the privilege of speaking to design students at two universities about my career. Here are some of the things I shared, most of which were answers to their questions.”
  2. Design Census 2017 | “Understanding the state of design and the people who make it. The survey is now open, until Dec 1, 2017.”
  3. “Instagram for data” | “Grafiti wants to make it easier to create and share data visualizations on smartphones.”
  4. ‘We’re designing minds’: Industry insider reveals secrets of addictive app trade | “A look at the science behind the ‘technological arms race’ to keep people fixated on their phones”
  5. On naming layers | By FAKKU Rin.
  6. USS McCain collision ultimately caused by UI confusion | “CO ordered duties of helmsman split—but all of them got sent to another console.”
  7. The useless design features in modern products | “Meet the hidden pressures shaping design, from the waistlines of kings to the whims of 18th Century wagon drivers.”
  8. memberships, an update one year later | “While I didn’t know it at the time, your support saved This is not even hyperbole. As I hinted at in the announcement post, the industry-wide drop in revenue from display advertising was beginning to affect…”
  9. 4 types of journalists | “How they tick and what we can learn from them.” Via…. yep,
  10. Building the Case for Diversity: Key Takeaways from New Adobe Research Report | We worked on this with Adobe and Edelman.

Image: design from our work with Adobe & Edelman, link #10.