The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #127


  1. Hey, we are looking for a project manager and a junior project manager/administrative assistant!
  2. Band uses video delay to create “a mesmerizing visual loop sampler” | “A band called The Academic cleverly took advantage of the slight broadcast delay in Facebook Live to construct a loop sampler out of video, so that at any given moment, each member of the band is performing with their past and future selves and bandmates.”
  3. Study: Clean Design Really Is Better | “EyeQuant used machine learning to show just how impactful uncluttered design can be.”
  4. How to design for print, work with printers & control costs | “This book improves the education available for graphic designers and print buyers. I know that you do not have to take an eight-week class to learn what you need to know. All you need is to read the parts of this book that are relevant to what you do. This will work if you are a working designer, a print buyer or a student.” Via Chris Glass.
  5. My philosophy of interviewing | “After I do Conversations with Tyler interviews, I receive emails telling me I should have ‘stuck it to person X,’ rather than ‘letting them off the hook,’ etc. ‘How could you not refute them on that topic!’ And so on. Just to be clear, here is my underlying attitude behind the series…”
  6. 12 Essential Women Cinematographers | “Female cinematographers don’t get as much recognition as their male counterparts, but they’re responsible for many outstanding films with beautiful images. A video essay by Jake Swinney.”
  7. Thirty years & thirty quotes | “As Foilco turns 30 years old we thought it was a great opportunity to celebrate, while nostalgically look back and question what we have learnt in this time. As we work with creatives across the globe, we thought it was a good idea to perhaps ask them what advice they would give themselves if they could go back to when they were starting out. The answers we received were considerate, informative and powerful messages. So we wanted to share them with you.”
  8. Your Data is Being Manipulated | “The following are remarks by Data & Society Founder and President danah boyd for her keynote at the 2017 Strata Data Conference in New York City. Full video of keynote is available at the bottom of page. “
  9. How Computers Turned Gerrymandering Into a Science | “About as many Democrats live in Wisconsin as Republicans do. But you wouldn’t know it from the Wisconsin State Assembly, where Republicans hold 65 percent of the seats, a bigger majority than Republican legislators enjoy in conservative states like Texas and Kentucky.”
  10. List: Things More Heavily Regulated Than Buying a Gun in the United States. Also: Nothing Divides Voters Like Owning a Gun.

Image: screenshot from Bear Claw’s video, link #2.