The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #123

  1. Nobody Cares How Hard You Work | “Will we ever decouple perceived effort and long hours with our rewards system?”
  2. The Floor Plans Of Famous TV Offices, From Sterling Cooper To Dunder Mifflin | “‘We wanted to pick businesses that everyone would know and love but that also had a bit of mystery behind them…”
  3. How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Design Thinking | “When I first heard about Design Thinking, I thought it was a clever rebranding effort by IDEO to charge twice as much for user-centered design. What can I say, I’m an old fart of a designer, and when I read about design thinking, I didn’t really see the big whup. And I wasn’t alone. But over time I’ve discovered that the oft-parodied approach to Design Thinking — a lot of post-its and a lot of prototyping — works better than nearly any other approach to product and service innovation.” Related: Here’s Christina’s new book, “Pencil Me in”!
  4. Kevin Kelly Writes To Find Out What He Doesn’t Know | “Steven Johnson talks with the Wired co-founder and bestselling technology theorist about writing in public and strange power of music on infinite loop.”
  5. Peaked? | “Quality doesn’t change over time. Quantity does. If you see someone peak, it’s because their productivity changed.”
  6. The 17 Things Employees Care About Most At Work | “Employees want to work for an organization that is respected and where they can feel good about their contributions, but what does this actually look like?”
  7. Why taking time out for team offsites is worth it | “Slack teams share their most memorable, momentum-building events.”
  8. Why organisations must change | “Organisations must change. But why? This infographic explains how our unpredictable and increasingly complex world forces companies to rethink how they operate. It also gives key ways on how they can change to better adapt to our volatile world.”
  9. Have Designers Lost Control Of Design? | “Design is everywhere and more influential than ever. But that power has come at a cost, says designer and technologist Matt Webb.”
  10. Our Gateway Arch 50th Anniversary poster is available again! | And it’s on sale!

Image: TV show floor plans by Bizdaq & Kim Schneider, link #2.