The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #121

Just five links this week. Still recovering from summer break!

  1. An Eclipse Chaser’s Guide to Your First Eclipse | “The United States has not seen a total solar eclipse sail from sea to shining sea in nearly a century. That means that next Monday, when the moon engulfs the sun in the sky, a new generation will experience a celestial extravaganza unlike anything else.If you are one of these millions, prepare to feel changed forever. So say the eclipse chasers who venture great distances and go to extreme lengths to witness the ethereal occurrence.” Related: Eclipses Throughout Our Universe & Total Eclipse of the Heartland
  2. Timeline of the Far Future | “How long until the Sun turns into a black dwarf? How long before the Earth is destroyed? Don’t lose too much sleep over these questions, because the human race will be extinct millions of years before anyone has to worry about such cosmic calamities. That is, if we’re not knocked out by a colossal asteroid first. Explore the Far Future, based on data from NASA, Nature and climate experts The Potsdam Institute.”
  3. The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals | “Why is it that some people seem to be hugely successful and do so much, while the vast majority of us struggle to tread water? The answer is complicated and likely multifaceted. One aspect is mindset—specifically, the difference between amateurs and professionals. Most of us are just amateurs. What’s the difference?”
  4. mathowie transfers ownership of MetaFilter to cortex | “Big news: a few days ago Matt Haughey and I signed paperwork to transfer ownership of MetaFilter from him to me. This is sorta huge and sorta not a big deal at the same time: things are fine and basically nothing is changing on the site as a result, we’re just keeping on as before. I’ll talk about the whole thing below the fold.”
  5. In the 1995-set movie ‘Landline,’ communication is hard enough without texting and Facebook | “The new dramedy ‘Landline’ takes place in 1995, which looks — to our modern eyes — like a simpler time: No text messages to respond to, no Facebook posts to like, no emails piling up. Instead, we get people slotting coins into a pay phone and checking their answering-machine messages or taking road trips and actually talking, because what else is there to do?”

Photo by Scott Szarapka on Unsplash.