The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #116

  1. Why cartoon characters wear gloves | “Yes, simplifying the features of characters made the process easier and faster. However, it made it more difficult for the audience to see characters’ black hands against their black bodies. Enter those crisp white gloves.”
  2. Want To Be More Creative And Successful? Fight The Urge To Focus | “A wandering mind can be an asset if you learn how to use it.”
  3. Accent talks to an acclaimed designer and influencer John Maeda about the importance of inclusion, the future of design, and the open web | “Designers’ role will be to support the social conscience of the product.”
  4. The Data Visualisation Catalogue | “The Data Visualisation Catalogue is a project developed by Severino Ribecca to create a library of different information visualisation types. Originally, this project was a way for me to develop my own knowledge of data visualisation and create a reference tool for me to use in the future for my own work. However, I felt it would also be beneficial to both designers and also anyone in a field that requires the use of data visualisation.”
  5. Design Lessons From A Century Of Sci-Fi | “The curator for a new sci-fi exhibit at the Barbican explains how the genre has shaped design, from branding to architecture, over more than a century.”
  6. The Feedback Matrix by Jessica Hagy | “Which of the four messages are you sending?”
  7. Two tweets that taste great together—D.B. Down & John Hendrix: “finally realized my true illustration philosophy: 1 masterfully drawn thing is less than 100 pretty ok drawn things.”
  8. These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books | “The last installment of the original “Choose Your Own Adventure” series came out in 1998, but since 2004, Chooseco, founded by one of the series’ original authors, R.A. Montgomery, has been republishing classic volumes, as well as new riffs on the form of interactive fiction that seemed ubiquitous in the 1980s and ’90s. The new editions also carry an additional feature—maps of the hidden structure of each book.”
  9. A Design Student’s Brilliant, Terrifying Thesis On Trump’s Tweets | “Falsehoods, fallacies, lies: Trump’s tweets are plucked straight from a dystopian novel. One graphic designer is underscoring the similarities with type.”
  10. Design + Drinking—Part of Agency Culture, or Party Over? | “Is design really ‘a dream industry for some functioning alcoholics?'”

Image: visual via Vox, link #1.