The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #113

  1. Chart Junk Considered Useful After All | “There is almost universal agreement that any extraneous elements in a chart or visualization, elements that do not represent numbers, are detrimental to understanding the data. A paper that was presented at CHI recently described a study to figure out just how bad all this chart junk really was. As it turns out, it’s actually rather helpful.”
  2. The Ingenious Way TV Logos Were Made Before Computers | “A recent photo posted online revealed a fascinating history of the lengths TV stations would go to for dynamic logos.”
  3. Don’t Tell Me What To Do: Giving Clients Creative Feedback | “David Marquet said, ‘If you want people to think, give them intent—not instruction.’ I think he was talking about leadership, but he easily could have been talking about the creative process.”
  4. Pinboard Acquires Delicious | “Pinboard has acquired Delicious. Here’s what you need to know: If you’re a Pinboard user, nothing will change. Sad! If you’re a Delicious user, you will have to find another place to save your bookmarks. The site will stay online. but on June 15, I will put Delicious into read-only mode. You won’t be able to save new bookmarks after that date, or use the API.” Dear Lazyweb: Now what I need is a Pocket to Pinboard exporter.
  5. 45 Years Ago, NASA Launched An Infographic For Aliens Into Space | “How do you explain life on Earth without using human language? With graphic design, of course.”
  6. How beauty might have evolved for pleasure, not function | “Maybe it’s not all about natural selection.”
  7. The Work You Do, the Person You Are | “The pleasure of being necessary to my parents was profound. I was not like the children in folktales: burdensome mouths to feed.”
  8. A Secret History Of Selling Out: How Designers Reluctantly Embraced The Corporate World | “From planned obsolescence to focus groups, designers and corporations haven’t always seen eye to eye.”
  9. Clocked: Meditating Product Designer Goes ‘Full L.A.’ | “François Chartrand shares his secrets to a calm work week at Headspace, an app that teaches meditation.”
  10. It’s National Donut Day! Hey St. Louis: 10 Hole-in-the-Wall Donut Shops in St. Louis You Should Visit Now.

Image: charts via Eager Eyes, link #1.