The tremendous 10 link roundup, #11

  1. Entire Screen of One Game | “You can’t win the game. It exists only to destroy your mind.”
  2. The Science Of Menu Design | “How Restaurants Can Make You Choose A Salad Over A Cheeseburger.”
  3. Sony’s Embarrassing Powerpoints Are Even Worse Than Their Shitty Movies | “The following slides are taken from a 34 gigabyte leak of internal Sony Pictures data…”
  4. Pixel Pioneers: “A Brief History of (video game) Graphics, Part One.”
  5. How Top Designers Tell Clients That Their Taste Sucks | “Paula Scher, Sagi Haviv, Jessica Walsh, and others reveal how they handle their worst clients.”
  6. Photographer Has Identity Stolen | “Gets Her Revenge with a Covert Photo Project.”
  7. Anatomy of A Brain Fart | “When your brain gets bored, it unleashes the stupidest of all stupid mistakes.”
  8. Science Shows There’s Only One Real Way to Listen to Music | “Steve Jobs, the man who invented the iPod and ignited the digital music revolution, never listened to MP3s.”
  9. List of people who studied graphic design but are notable for other pursuits | A list on Wikipedia.
  10. Fascinating Text Book Doodles Made By Bored Students From 800 Years Ago | “Medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel, who works at the Leiden University in The Netherlands, has been sharing fascinating findings from these books on his Tumblr blog.”

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash.