The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #106

  1. Woman=Human. And not just on International Women’s Day. | “Yes, woman = human, but for years they have been deprived of many rights. But that didn’t stop us from climbing mountains, becoming world leaders, revolutionizing the music industry, making scientific discoveries, and changing the course of history.”
  2. A new video and infographic: What is gaslighting? | “The term has seen a spike in searches and mentions over the last year—especially in the lead-up to the U.S. presidential election… and in the aftermath. We made this video and infographic to help explain exactly what gaslighting means.”
  3. How Trump’s White House Is Delegitimizing Anything That Could Get In The Way Of Its Propaganda | “Battered by criticism for its incompetence, extremism, and corruption, the administration is trying to build an environment in which its supporters have a ready stream of scapegoats and alternative facts with which to explain away White House scandals, while the rest of the public exists in a constant state of confusion, not sure who they can believe or trust.”
  4. Commander-in-Tweet: 50 Days of @RealDonaldTrump | “President Donald Trump may have given up his weekly primetime TV slot as host of “Celebrity Apprentice,” but since he took the oath of office, every day is a new episode of Trump’s White House — on Twitter.”
  5. After Trump Was Elected, Librarians Had To Rethink Their System For Fact-Checking | “The American Library Association wants to help you distinguish real news from fake with the help of CRAAP.”
  6. Here are More than 400 Officials Trump has Quietly Deployed Across the Government | “While President Trump has not moved to fill many jobs that require Senate confirmation, he has quietly installed hundreds of officials to serve as his eyes and ears at every major federal agency. ProPublica has obtained a list of many of them. They include dozens of former lobbyists, Trump campaign staffers and some affiliated with the online far-right.”
  7. Paul Ryan Doesn’t Know How Insurance Works | “Paul Ryan said that insurance cannot work if healthy people have to pay more to subsidize the sick. This is literally how all insurance works. If someone’s house burns down, some of your fire insurance money goes to help that person rebuild. If someone gets sick, some of your premium, healthy person, goes toward that person’s coverage.”
  8. It Is Expensive to Be Poor | “Minimum-wage jobs are physically demanding, have unpredictable schedules, and pay so meagerly that workers can’t save up enough to move on.”
  9. Working While Female | “A Twitter thread has gotten some attention recently, where my former-coworker / current-best friend, Marty, recounted the day he realized just how bad, and insidious, workplace sexism could be. After noticing that a client was treating him like crap while his email signature was accidentally set to my name, we came up with an experiment. We switched signatures for a week. Nothing changed, except that our clients read me as male and Marty as female. I had one of the easiest weeks of my professional life. He… didn’t.”
  10. Jeez… wow… ok, let’s end with something a little more fun: What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored.

Image: photo by Mollat Bookstore, via link #10.