The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #101

  1. Book Covers Are Watching You: A Selection of 1984 Cover Designs | “Increasing tensions between the current U.S. President’s administration and major news sources have jettisoned sales of George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984 through the roof. Whether you’re an Orwell fan or not, the novel is certainly relevant in the era of ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news.”
  2. How Being Bored Out of Your Mind Makes You More Creative | “If you have a planet’s worth of entertainment in your pocket, it’s easy to stave off ennui.Unless it turns out ennui is good for us. What if boredom is a meaningful experience—one that propels us to states of deeper thoughtfulness or creativity?”
  3. Case study: How complexity creeps in | “Seemingly inconsequential decisions can open the door to significant organizational and operational complexity.”
  4. How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail | “Why worldview threats undermine evidence.”
  5. Why Young Girls Don’t Think They Are Smart Enough | “By the age of 6, young girls are less likely than boys to view their own gender as brilliant. In our research, published today in the journal Science, we’ve found that girls as young as 6 start to believe that specific activities are “not for them” simply because they think they’re not smart enough. Our research suggests that American children are picking up on cultural stereotypes about brilliance at an early age. Unfortunately, these stereotypes suggest that girls aren’t as smart as boys.”
  6. I Work from Home | “911 OPERATOR: 911—what’s your emergency? ROBERT: Hi, I . . . uh . . . I work from home.”
  7. Celebrate Immigrants | “Openness is at the core of the American DNA. Immigrants are our friends, coaches, teachers, family members—they are the founders and leaders of our country.”
  8. RESISTL Tee | “When American ideals are challenged, St. Louis doesn’t stand by… we STAND UP! 25% of each shirt sold will be donated to the ACLU of Missouri. See you in the streets, America.”
  9. What The Fuck Just Happened, Today?  | “Logging the daily shock and awe.”
  10. This space left intentionally blank.

Image: visual from link #7, Celebrate Immigrants.