The Tremendous 10, #8

  1. 3 Rules for Better Design Critique | “A cheatsheet for the whole team.”
  2. Help! My Portfolio Sucks | “What if a lot of your past work reflects times when you satisfied the client, but couldn’t sell them on your best ideas? How do you build a portfolio out of choices you wouldn’t have made? Our very own Jeffrey Zeldman answers your toughest career questions.”
  3. How Parents Can Make A Difference In A Creative Child’s Life | “Titled ‘It costs nothing to encourage an artist’, Than’s comic shows the many positive possibilities that could happen if an aspiring artist had been encouraged by their parents since young.”
  4. A Lynda Barry Primer | “I’ve collected my five favorite books of hers — in the order I recommend you read them — along with some favorite quotes.” —Austin Kleon
  5. Card Decks | “Tactile tools for pattern finders, integrative thinkers, and inspiration seekers.”
  6. Why Sagmeister & Walsh Stays Small | “In our November 2014 issue, HOW spoke with the principals of six design firms, each operating with five people or less, to find out what’s so great about maintaining a small studio—and how anyone can do the same.”
  7. The Trailblazing, Candy-Colored History Of The Online Banner Ad | “The much-maligned and little-clicked banner ad is 20 years old. We talk with its creators about the glory days of online ad innovation.”
  8. The Creativity Myth | “Creativity is not what we think it is” by Kevin Ashton.
  9. Bill Murray on storytelling | “If you are any kind of fan of Bill Murray at all, then you will enjoy this interview he did with Howard Stern last week. Murray, who is famously hard to get a hold of, does not do a lot of interviews like this, so it was a rare treat. It’s not a performance. This is just two guys talking, but there are some gems in there and even a few bits relevant for presenters and speakers of all types.”
  10. Design Kit | “’s platform to learn human-centered design, a creative approach to solving the world’s most difficult problems.”

Image credit: from link #4, by Lynda Barry.