The Tremendous 10, #2

After an accidental hiatus…

  1. Massimo Vignelli on the Secret of Great Book Design | A short documentary by Pentagram.
  2. All The Great Mad Men Era Volkswagen Ads | A collection of 50 classic, and amazingly consistent, print advertisements.
  3. Logo, Bullshit & Co., Inc. | An honest perspective on Yahoo!’s not-so-Optima(l) rebranding.
  4. Secret Fore-Edge Paintings Revealed in Early 19th Century Books at the University of Iowa | This is just wonderful.
  5. Meet the Stir Kinetic Desk | Everything else is getting smarter, why not your desk?
  6. Putting Time In Perspective | A series of charts: “If the Earth formed at midnight and the present moment is the next midnight, 24 hours later, modern humans have been around since 11:59:59pm—1 second.”
  7. The Curious Properties of Intuitive Web Pages | “Jared Spool discusses the surprisingly unintuitive logic behind the creation of ‘intuitive’ websites.”
  8. The World Religions Tree Infographic | That. Is. Intense.
  9. Local Designer Ben Kiel Behind The New Yorker Magazine’s Recent Typeface Redesign | Ben was an intern during XPLANE | The visual thinking company’s early days. He went on to work at House Industries and nows runs his own shop, Typefounding.
  10. Happy Birthday to Us! | Speaking of XPLANE , happy 20th anniversary to our friends there. All us Tremendos spent a good amount of time at XPLANE and it’s great to see the company celebrate this landmark occasion. Congrats!

Image credit: from link #8, World Religions Tree.