The bestest quickest bread recipe

Tired of seeing all the beautiful bread on your friends’ insta feeds and getting frustrated with no yeast or traditional flour being available at your local grocery store? Too hot for a long bake in the oven? Not into gluten or carbs? I’ve got you covered with this little microwaved gluten-free bread.

It might not be as “Insta-worthy” as a perfect loaf of sourdough, but if you’re missing bread and carbs and just want a dang sandwich, I’ve found that this the perfect and easiest stand-in possible. (Disclaimer, it does require some “weird” ingredients, but if you’re (thinking about) skipping gluten, you’ll want to invest in these alternatives to make your bread-like baked goods.)

There are plenty of recipes out there to try; I’ve tried many of them. This is just another variation on plenty of fairly easy and decent stand-ins for the bread-craving of low-carb foodies. There are substitutions, for sure. No almond flour? Double the coconut flour. If you don’t have coconut flour, sub 2 TB of almond flour. Not sure why, but the coconut flour has more girth. Switch butter, ghee, or olive oil for the coconut oil. And, if you don’t have psyllium husk powder (because, really, who does besides me?), feel free to leave it out. I doubt you’ll miss it—except for the invisible extra fiber it provides.

And if you’re not dairy-free, throw in some shredded cheese with some chopped chives or other herbs. Experiment with what you’ve got and what you’re craving. Best of luck and kudos for surviving this weird time we’re in!

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Infographic by Chris Roettger / Tremendousness.